Freckles, a Texas Longhorn steer has resided at the Whitehall Farm of the Animal and Dairy Science Department since 1997.  Born in 1992 on the El Coyote Ranch near Kingsville, Texas, Freckles participated in the re-enactment of the Great American Cattle Drive in 1995.   
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Along  with 350 other Longhorns, Freckles marched 1500 miles from Fort Worth, Texas to Miles City, Montana.  At the end of the drive David McMahon of Arkansas purchased him through auction and later donated him to the University of Georgia.
RIP Freckles 1992-2010
short neck mount - first item Ray ever mounted  - short necked because the cape was ruined by another taxidermist
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sparring bucks
Corsican Ram shoulder mount
Wild Boar
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